X-Gamer Zomberry Flavour Energy Drink - 60 Serving X-Tubz

X-Gamer Zomberry Flavour Energy Drink - 60 Serving X-Tubz

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X-Gamer Zomberry Flavour Energy Drink - 60 Serving X-Tubz

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X-Gamer is an advanced, innovative and powerful energising drink, formulated exclusively for E-Sports, Semi-Professional & Enthusiast Gamers.
Product Description


Introducing X Gamer Zomberry Flavour. 

A new advanced, innovative and powerful energising drink formulated exclusively for E-Sports, semi-professional and enthusiast gamers & made in the UK. 

Stay one step ahead of the competition with X Gamer, the energising drink that boosts focus, reaction and stamina. Formulated to help upgrade your skills and revolutionise your gaming experience.

Game harder, game faster, game longer… X-Gamer is an advanced, innovative and powerful energiser, formulated through extensive research and development exclusively for E-Sports, Semi-Professional & Enthusiast Gamers. A dynamic blend of active ingredients and innovative flavours, scientifically formulated in fully accredited and UK based laboratories. Improving a player’s performance through a powerful matrix of ingredients, engineered to deliver super sharp focus, lightning reactions & unrivalled energy.

Taste victory and enjoy up to sixty servings of the delicious, sumptuous and fruity flavour of Zomberry, shipped in our fantastic value, sleek and compact 600g X-Tubz. Dominate for longer with X-Gamer…

X Gamer is the ONLY UK & European based energy drink formulated and continually developed uniquely and solely for the gaming community, delivering the associated and specific performance requisites.

Feature:                                                  Benefit:


  • Energy Matrix                                          Maximised Endurance
  • Awareness Matrix                                     Heightened Focus
  • Reflex Matrix                                            Increased Reactions
  • No Added Sugar                                       Healthier Than Most Can Energisers
  • Micro-Filtered Compound                          Smooth Easy-Mix Drink
  • Innovative Flavours                                  Enjoyable To Taste
  • Well Balanced Formula                             Consistent & pleasurable
  • Concentrated Blends                                Increased serving per pack
  • Approved Pro-Complex                             No Adverse Side Effects
  • Vacuum Sealed Packaging                       Safe & fresh consumption
  • UK & EU Manufactured                            ISO Quality controlled produce

Directions For Use:

X-Gamer | 600g X-Tubz.

Servings Size : 2 X Level Scoops 10G Serving Only.

Best Before : See Front For Details

Storage : Store In A Cool Dry Place.

Directions For Use : Add formula to a shaker or water bottle and mix thoroughly with 300ml of water. Adjust dilution* if required in accordance to personal tastes and concentration preferences. Consume before, during and after gaming for best results.

*Adjusting dilution will increase or decrease guideline servings per pack.

Industry Standards:

Manufactured In BRC Food Certified Facility.

ISO 9001 : 2008 Accredited Production Laboratories.

Global Group : Good Manufacturing Practice.

Recycled Packaging Materials Producer.

Made in the UK, governed by EU guidelines.


Customer Reviews

One of The best out there
X-Gamer Zomberry quickly became one of my favorite Gaming energy powder drinks, The Flavor although sweet (not as bad as some other energy drinks) is really nice surprisingly it doesn't have an overpowering artificial taste if you are a fan of mixed berry style drinks this is the one for you, having a shaker I feel is a must although mixing with a fork in a large glass does work the shaker will assist in dissolving the powder evenly.

Taste can be adjusted nicely with extra water added to the mix or extra powder all depends on how you like it!

as for assisting in gaming situations ie Concentration and Fatigue, it seems to do exactly what it says on the tub! I normally mix a shaker up before doing a stream or have one on the table when playing Competitive Halo

I strongly recommend this item and cant wait to try new flavors!

One note, The Tub is rather large in comparison to leading energy products so make sure you have the room to store it in a dry place out of sunlight
Review by Fac3full / (Posted on 12/12/2016)

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