Steelseries Arctis 5 USB 7.1 Surround Multi Format Gaming Headset in Black

Steelseries Arctis 5 USB 7.1 Surround Multi Format Gaming Headset in Black

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Steelseries Arctis 5 USB 7.1 Surround Multi Format Gaming Headset in Black

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Steelseries Artics 5 USB Multi Format Gaming Headset in Black
Product Description


On-ear Audio Controls
No more alt-tabbing, easily control your volume and mute directly on your headset everywhere you game.

Detachable, Versatile Cable System
Every Arctis comes with a detachable, modular cable system, giving you optimized cables and connectors to match your every need from PC to XBox, Playstation, mobile and more.

Audio Share Jack
Sharing is caring. You friends can connect to the share jack and listen in on the action.

Comfort - Athletics-Inspired
We searched the world to create the most comfortable materials found in gaming.

Ski Goggle Headband
The elastic fabric perfectly contours across your head, evenly distributing the weight, eliminating all pressure points. Easily adjust the tension of the band for a perfect fit and comfort for even the longest gaming sessions.

Airweave Ear Cushions
Inspired by athletics apparel, we invented AirWeave fabric ear cushions that are insanely cool and soft to the touch. Memory foam is wrapped in the breathable, moisture-wicking fabric coated with a special thermoplastic material that provides noise isolation. This breakthrough design keeps you cool and dry while providing the noise blocking needed to focus on the game.

Lightweight Design
Our goal with Arctis was to create a lightweight headset so comfortable, you'll forget you’re wearing it. We went back to the drawing board and stripped down all the unnecessary components, leaving us with a minimalistic design that’s more efficient at suspending the headset while being as light as possible.

Sound High Performance
We challenged everything to give gamers the speakers and microphones they deserve.

S1 Speaker Drivers
Our goal: create a soundscape that provides a natural and accurate reproduction of all sounds, not just explosions. We started with the same high performance, low-distortion driver from our best-selling $300 flagship headset. After a significant amount of time prototyping and tuning the Arctis soundscape, we created a headset that sounds amazing for all types of games, movies, music & everything else.

DTS Headphone:X 7.1 Surround Sound
We partnered with DTS Headphone:X to use an entirely new algorithm specifically designed for Arctis. DTS Headphone:X goes above and beyond any other surround sound solution. You can perfectly identify positional audio, including enemy location and environmental cues. 
*DTS Headphone:X Surround Sound available only in Windows

Clearcast Microphone
Every gaming headset has been using the wrong microphone. Even us. Until now, nobody ever went back to the beginning and challenged the status quo. All Arctis models feature a bidirectional ClearCast microphone. This re-engineered noise-canceling mic delivers incredibly clear voice communication, focusing on the user’s speech while acoustically eliminating virtually all background noise. ClearCast is setting a new bar in gaming microphones, against which all future headsets will be compared.

ChatMix Dial
Balance and adjust the volume between your game and chat audio.Features• Ski Goggle Suspension Band - Perfectly contoured across your entire head, the weight of the headset is evenly distributed to eliminate all pressure points.
• ClearCast Mic -Arctis' microphone uses a proprietary bidirectional design delivering unmatched sound clarity and background noise cancellation.
• DTS Headphone:X 7.1 Surround Sound - Enter a virtual 3D environment with the most accurate placement of audio cues.
• Exclusive AirWeave Ear Cushions -Inspired by fabrics found in athletic clothing, AirWeave ear cushions keep you cool, dry, and comfy for hours of gaming.
• USB chatmix dial lets you balance and adjust the Volume between your game and chat Audio.


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