Sony Nacon Revolution Pro Gaming Wired PlayStation 4 Controller

Sony Nacon Revolution Pro Gaming Wired PlayStation 4 Controller

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Sony Nacon Revolution Pro Gaming Wired PlayStation 4 Controller

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Introducing the Esports designed Revolution Pro Gaming PS4 Controller
Product Description


Take your PS4 Gaming to the next level and change the rules. Move quicker, faster and reach further....become unbeatable. 

Designed and developed with esports players, the Revolution pro controller with leverage the esports competition to a new level. Fully customisable and with unmatched precision, the Revolution controller will offer gamers the possibility to set up their controller for each game and become more efficient during competition. Comfortable within the hands and pleasing to the eye whilst still being tough and durable when it comes down to competition. 

Key Features:

  • Unbeatable Sticks. The innovative convex right analogue stick has been enhanced to allow an incredible degree of accuracy. With a larger head to ensure precise movement during them most intense gaming. 
  • Unique D PAD - The revolution control D-pad features 4 extra wings to ensure the player never loses control whilst switching between the left joystick and dpad. 
  • Engraved Touch Pad - The Revolution controllers includes all the classic features including the innovative touch pad, share button and 3.5mm jack.
  • Accessible Triggers and Shoulder Buttons - Both the triggers and shoulder buttons are profiled to integrate seamlessly into the controller design and allow for rapid response.
  • High-Quality Detachable braided cable - Equipped with a 3m braided cable which connects directly to the free USB port of any PS4 console system.
  • 4 Ergonomic Shortcuts for access to Macros - Worked closely with professional gamers, the Revolution pro controller also boasts 4 buttons on the back of the controller. This gives the player extra options to map controls to the device. Windows 7/8/10 PC and Internet connection required.
  • Weight your controller for extra grip - Adjustable weight system to ensure the player is in full control. Extra weights provided.
The Revolution Pro Controller can be operated in two modes: 

The Blue halo, around the Right joystick indicates, for “PRO CONTROL” mode and the Red halo for “Advanced” mode. In the “Advanced” mode, the Right joystick works with more features by using an innovative process to adjust the joystick sensitivity. One major part of the controller concept is the driver software, which allows customization of certain features of the controller. This customization allows the player to set-up their own profiles for each type of game for maximum effect. Up to 4 profiles can be stored and easily selected during gameplay. 

One of the key features of the software driver is to modify the response curve of the joystick. The user can select a range of settings based on the game they are playing. Using the software, you can also balance the strength of the vibration motors. 

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