SCUF Infinity 4PS Pro

SCUF Infinity 4PS Pro Black Soft Touch (Front View)

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  • SCUF Infinity 4PS Pro Black Soft Touch (Front View)
  • SCUF Infinity 4PS Pro Black Soft Touch (Side View)
  • SCUF Infinity 4PS Pro Black Soft Touch (Rear View)

SCUF Infinity 4PS Pro

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Arm yourself with the SCUF Infinity 4PS Pro and you'll soon understand why 90% of pro gamers use SCUF controllers. Electro-magnetic paddle remapping, interchangeable thumbsticks, adjustable triggers and enhanced d-pad control are just some of the reasons why the SCUF Infinity 4PS Pro is the weapon of choice for esports competitors and gaming enthusiasts alike.

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  • SCUF Infinity 4PS Pro Black Soft Touch (Front View)
  • SCUF Infinity 4PS Pro Black Soft Touch (Side View)
  • SCUF Infinity 4PS Pro Black Soft Touch (Rear View)
Product Description


SCUF Infinity 4PS Pro. The Weapon of Choice for Pro Gamers.

SCUF Infinity 4PS Pro

Greatness Isn't Given

Realise your potential with the SCUF Infinity 4PS Pro. Forged in SCUF's workshops by dedicated gamesmiths whose attention to detail is legendary, the SCUF Infinity 4PS Pro is a wonder to behond (and hold). Stuffed full of performance enhancing features such as electro-magnetic paddle remapping, interchangeable thumbsticks, quick-shift trigger stops, precision thumbsticks and enhanced d-pad control, the SCUF Infinity 4PS Pro is the deadliest weapon in gaming. In fact, if King Arthur were here we're pretty sure he'd chuck Excalibur back in the lake and use a SCUF controller instead.

SCUF Infinity 4PS Pro Features

  • Electro-magnetic paddle remapping
  • Adjustable hair trigger
  • Trigger stop mechanism
  • SCUF grip
  • Left thumbstick: SCUF concave regular length
  • Right thumbstick: SCUF domed regular length
  • SCUF Ring
  • Control Disc
  • SCUF paddles
  • SCUF Rumble

The Deadliest PS4 Controller in the World

Interchangeable Thumbsticks

Switch thumbsticks in seconds to suit your playing style with the SCUF Ring and Lock system.

SCUF Control Disc

The SCUF Control Disc transforms the d-pad into a thumbstick-style control system for greater accuracy.

Precision Thumbsticks

The SCUF precision thumbsticks will give you greater control and an unfair advantage over your opponents.

SCUF Infinity 4PS Pro Features (Front View)

Electro-Magnetic Paddle Remapping

Assig face button functions to the paddles, helping you pull off complex combos with ease.

Quick-Shift Trigger Stops

The Infinity 4PS Pro's quick-shift trigger stops provide unparalleled control in shooting games..

Adjustable Hair-Trigger Mechanism

Fine-tune your SCUF Infinity 4PS Pro triggers for maximum performance with the included SCUF key.


The SCUF Infinity 4PS Pro features military grade grips that won't let you down - even during the most intense battles.

SCUF Infinity 4PS Pro Features (Back View)

"The SCUF Infinity 4PS Pro is an amazing PS4 Controller. The paddles make pulling off complex combos and moves really easy, and I love the fact that they can be remapped on the fly. The thumbsticks are a joy to use, and the SCUF Control Disc makes a huge difference to the d-pad. But most importantly, the Infinity 4PS Pro is incredibly comfortable to use - even for marathon gaming sessions. I love it."

Neil Cheetham, LimeXB

Patented Paddle Control System

Both the SCUF Infinity 4PS Pro and Infinity 4PS feature an innovative paddle control system that revolutionised the way in which games are played competitively, but with the 4PS Pro these paddles can now be removed and replaced. The redesigned paddles on the Infinity 4PS Pro are now even easier to reach and are curved at the ends to support the player's fingertips. The ingenious paddles mimic face button functions, meaning you never have to take your thumbs off the sticks when issuing commands, reloading your weapon or preparing to finish off your opponent. The unique paddles on the SCUF Infinity 4PS Pro make unnatural hand positioning and awkward controls a thing of the past, allowing you to play without pain and giving you an advantage over your competitors.

SCUF Infinity 4PS Pro Paddles

Electro-Magnetic Paddle Remapping (EMR)

SCUF's improved electro-magnetic paddle remapping (EMR) technology enables you to change how your paddles work on the fly. By attaching the supplied SCUF Mag Key to the underside of your Infinity 4PS Pro controller and pressing the face button and paddle simultaneously, you can assign the functions of any face button to the paddles in the blink of an eye. Whether you're in the middle of a fierce firefight or involved in a brutal brawl, changing how each paddle functions to suit your style and the type of game you're playing is easier than every before with the SCUF Infinity 4PS Pro.

Pro Switches

The competition-grade switches and layered gold circuits on the Infinity 4PS Pro offer optimised performance and provide a perfect balance of haptic feedback, giving you more sensory feedback than ever before. The switch technology and circuit boards in the Infinity 4PS Pro are superior to those in the Infinity 4PS and provide better click-through rates on the paddles. Once you've picked up a SCUF Infinity 4PS Pro, everything else will seem like second best - including your rivals.

SCUF Infinity 4PS Pro Switches

Three-Part Trigger Control System

The SCUF Infinity 4PS Pro gives esports competitors and serious gamers the control they need with the groundbreaking SCUF trigger control system. Quick shift trigger stops can be mechanically tuned to eliminate unnecessary trigger latency and provide complete control over how weapons are fired; an adjustable hair trigger mechanism enables the position and tension of each trigger to be fine tuned, taking the guesswork out of finding the "sweet spot" during gameplay; and removable trigger extenders enhance the natural parameters of the controller, making it easier for gamers with larger hands to achieve the performance they need when competing against their nimble-fingered competitors. All three trigger components combine in the SCUF Infinity 4PS Pro to deliver outstanding performance and enable you to play the game your way.

SCUF Infinity 4PS Pro Quick-Shift Trigger Stops

SCUF Infinity 4PS Pro Hair Triggers & Trigger Extenders

Interchangeable Precision Thumbsticks

Interchangeable Precision Thumbsticks

Designed for powerful performance and manufactured using premium quality materials for improved grip and durability, SCUF's interchangeable thumbsticks can be swapped out in seconds with the SCUF patented Infinity Ring and Lock system, which also allows for greater rotational movement of the thumbsticks. Available in different heights and two different shapes, each thumbstick is designed for a particular gameplay style, effectively giving you the power to fine tune your controller for the game you're playing. While the dome shaped thumbstick is tailored for accuracy, the concave shape is designed for improved movement. Likewise, the regular height stick reduces reaction times, while taller thumbsticks enhance precision and provide a greater range of movement. With the SCUF Infinity 4PS Pro, the power is in your hands.


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