SCUF Infinity 4PS Controller for PlayStation 4

SCUF Infinity 4PS Electric Blue Controller for PlayStation 4

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  • SCUF Infinity 4PS Controller for PlayStation 4 in Electric Blue

SCUF Infinity 4PS Controller for PlayStation 4

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Once you've picked up a SCUF Infinity 4PS controller for PlayStation 4 you'll understand why 90% of pro gamers use SCUF controllers. Featuring electro-magnetic paddle remapping, trigger extenders and interchangeable precision thumbsticks, the Infinity 4PS is the weapon of choice for serious gamers.

  • SCUF Infinity 4PS Controller for PlayStation 4 in Electric Blue
Product Description


Meet the SCUF Infinity 4PS - Legal Performance Enhancement

Over 90% of pro gamers swear by SCUF Gaming controllers, and the moment you pick up a SCUF Infinity 4PS controller you'll understand why. Featuring interchangeable thumbsticks, SCUF's patented paddle control system, electro-magnetic mapping (EMR), flexible three-stage trigger control system, military-grade grips and an amazing ergonomic design, the SCUF Infinity 4PS is unlike any controller you've ever played with. In fact, the Infinity 4PS is more than just a PS4 controller; it's a lethal weapon.

The SCUF Infinity 4PS Controller includes:

  • SCUF domed left regular thumbstick
  • SCUF domed right regular thumbstick
  • Infinity Ring Lock system
  • SCUF trigger control system
  • Two remappable paddles (factory set to Left = X, Right = O)
  • Standard Infinity 4PS grip

SCUF Infinity 4PS

SCUF Infinity 4PS Paddle Control System

Revolutionary Paddle Control System

SCUF's innovative paddle control system has become the de facto standard in eSports and has revolutionised the way games are played. When you're in a gunfight the last thing you want to be doing is taking your thumb off the stick; with the patented paddle system of the Infinity 4PS, you don't have to. The specially designed paddles on the Infinity 4PS and Infinity 4PS Pro mimic face button actions, meaning you never have to let your guard down when picking up objects or calling in reinforcements. Factory configured to X (left paddle) and O (right paddle), the unique paddles on the SCUF Infinity 4PS make unnatural hand positioning a thing of the past, leaving you free to play harder for longer without the risk of injury.

SCUF Infinity 4PS Pro Edition Switches

Pro Edition Switches

You don't just use a SCUF Infinity 4PS controller; you feel it. Featuring high-grade switches and layered gold circuits for optimised deliberate performance, the Infinity 4PS offers a level of haptic feedback unlike anything you've experienced before. The "force feedback" you get from an Infinity 4PS pulls you into the experience and enables you to almost touch what you see on screen, giving you a true feel for what's going on around you. Feel every recoil, experience every movement and live every battle with the ultimate PlayStation 4 controller.

Electro-Magnetic Remapping (EMR)

SCUF's revolutionary electro-magnetic remapping (EMR) technology enables fast, in-game paddle remapping for on-the-fly control customisation. By simply attaching the supplied SCUF Mag Key to the underside of the controller and pressing the face button and paddle simultaneously, you can reprogram the paddles in the blink of an eye and assign any button action to any paddle quickly and easily. Whether you're engaged in a gunfight, playing a football match or hurtling down a race track at 200mph, changing the function of each paddle to suit your style is now a piece of cake.

Patented Three-Part Trigger Control System

The SCUF Infinity 4PS features a revolutionary three-part trigger control system that gives pro gamers the level of control and customisation they demand. Quick shift trigger stops can be mechanically tuned to eliminate unnecessary latency and make weapon fire a one-tap process (especially effective for first-person shooters); an adjustable hair trigger mechanism enables fine tuning of the position and tension of the trigger, making it easy to locate the "sweet spot" during gameplay; and trigger extenders extend and enhance the natural parameters of the controller, making it easier for gamers with larger hands to achieve the performance they need when competing against the elite. All three trigger components combine in the Infinity 4PS to deliver outstanding gaming performance and enable you to play the game your way.

SCUF Infinity 4PS Quick Shift Trigger Stops

Interchangeable Precision Thumbsticks

Interchangeable Precision Thumbsticks

Designed for powerful performance and manufactured using premium quality materials for improved grip and durability, SCUF's interchangeable thumbsticks can be swapped out in seconds with the SCUF patented Infinity Ring and Lock system, which also allows for greater rotational movement of the thumbsticks. Available in different heights and two different shapes, each thumbstick is designed for a particular gameplay style, effectively giving you the power to fine tune your controller for the game you're playing. While the dome shaped thumbstick is tailored for accuracy, the concave shape is designed for improved movement. Likewise, the regular height stick reduces reaction times, while taller thumbsticks enhance precision and provide a greater range of movement. With the SCUF Infinity 4PS, the power is in your hands.

Military Grade Grips

SCUF is tough. Whether you're button mashing your opponents into the ground or engaged in a ferocious firefight with an enemy unit, the SCUF Infinity 4PS controller will keep coming back for more. Contoured to fit your hands and manufactured from military-grade materials for incredible comfort and gorilla-like grip during even the most intense gaming sessions, the power of the Infinity 4PS will always be there when you need it the most. With a textured surface covering the entire back of the controller and intelligently designed handles for maximum hold, the SCUF Infinity 4PS leaves nothing to chance.

SCUF Military Grade Grips

Improved D-Pad Control

Improved D-Pad Control

The SCUF control disc transforms an ordinairy D-Pad into your secret weapon. The innovative device elevates the level of control to that of a thumbstick, giving you a numerical advantage over your foes. Especially effective in beat-em-ups and fighting games where complex combos are essential to success, the magic disc makes diagonal movement easier to acheive, provides pinpoint control and, best of all, provides far more comfort and grip for your thumb than a regular D-Pad.

SCUF Infinity 4PS: The Definition of Quality

The SCUF Infinity 4PS is not only one of the most customisable and feature-packed gaming controllers ever created; it's also a work of art in its own right. Constructed from premium quality materials and lovingly crafted by hand by some of the most talented and passionate gamers in the industry, there's simply no substitute for SCUF. With so many features, design options and pure gaming gold packed into every controller, the possibilities are truly endless. Once you've picked up a SCUF Infinity 4PS controller, you won't simply want to put it down.

Endorsed by the Leagues. Trusted by the Pros.

It's not for nothing that over 90% of pro gamers use SCUF controllers. They use them because they're the best controllers on the market. Playtested to death over thousands of hours by the best gamers in the world, the SCUF Infinity 4PS is the weapon of choice for those who love gaming. Every SCUF controller is lovingly crafted by a certified technician in SCUF's workshops in the UK and USA, and each masterpiece is fitted with a unique, tamperproof SCUF seal of approval. This guarantees the controller is legal to use at all major pro gaming tournaments around the world.

* Removal of the seal voids the SCUF warranty

eSport Tournament Compliant

Pre-Customised for Rapid Delivery

SCUF's legendary customisation options are awesome, but they come at a price. That price is a two week wait while your controller is assembled and tested. The beauty of buying a SCUF Infinity 4PS through Lime is that the controller has been pre-customised with the most popular mods and is sitting in our warehouse right now, just waiting to get into your hands within 24 hours. Yup, that's right. Order your SCUF controller from Lime today and enjoy the power of the best controller on the market tomorrow. It's that simple.


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