Netduma R1 Gaming Router

Netduma R1 Gaming Router

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Netduma R1 Gaming Router

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A revolutionary router that is light years ahead of the competition
Product Description


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Introducing the Netduma R1 Gaming Router to LimeXB. 

Lag is unfortunately something all gamers experience at some point and everyone hates it, whether it’s joining foreign lobbies or the family downloading during those intense moments, it can become enraging. 

Luck for us gamers, Netduma hated LAG too and so the Netduma R1 Router was created. The only router in the world up designed from the ground up to help you dominate LAG.

The Netduma will help transform your gaming experience and here’s how:

  • Never play a long distance, laggy game
  • Eliminate lag caused by others’ downloading and uploading
  • Allocate bandwidth to your gaming devices
  • Avoid laggy hosts
  • Measure the quality of your game’s connection
  • Easily configure your perfect settings

The Netduma router will completely transform your gaming experience. Here’s why:

1. Never play a long distance, laggy game

The main cause of lag is distance. Typically, the closer the host is to you, the better the connection. Netduma’s revolutionary Geo-filter guarantees that your game’s host is located near you.

This hugely reduces lag, making your game more receptive, fairer and ultimately, much more fun.


2. Eliminate lag caused by downloading and uploading

Downloads and uploads create congestion on your network, causing your game’s data to be held in a queue.

This creates substantial lag, making your game unplayable and probably causing arguments between you and the people you live with.

With Netduma’s Anti-Flood, everyone can now intensively use the Internet without causing your game to lag.


3. Allocate bandwidth to your gaming devices

With Device Prioritisation, you can allocate all of your bandwidth to your gaming devices such as your Xbox, Playstation or PC.

This ensures your game receives all the bandwidth it needs. Any excess is automatically given to the other devices in your home so your family or friends are not affected.


4. Avoid laggy hosts

Another player’s bad connection can ruin a good game. With Deny & Allow, you can permanently block a low quality host, ensuring they can never frustrate you again.

You can also white-list your friends who live outside of your Geo-filter range, allowing you to play on great connections without excluding your team mates.


5. Measure the quality of your game’s connection

For console players, ping bars are the only indicator of your game’s lag. But with Netduma’s Ping Stats, the host of your game is automatically pinged to give you an exact reading on the quality of the connection.

For most major PC games, even more information is provided, including a rating of your game’s connection, its stability and its packet loss.


6. Easily configure your perfect settings

Setting up your Netduma router could not be simpler – just plug it into your existing router, connect your devices to your new Netduma router and away you go.

Plus with an attractive and intuitive interface which is decades ahead of the outdated router interfaces you are probably used to, it could not be easier to configure your ideal settings. No expertise is required and an active community forum are on hand to help whenever you need it.

Hardware Specs:

Many of the Netduma’s features are intensive and require high performance router hardware to run. So we scoured the world for a manufacturer with the hardware capable of packing enough punch to power our game-changing software:

  • RB951G-2hnd
  • Five Gigabit Ethernet ports
  • High powered 2.4 GHz 1000mW 802.11 b/g/n Wifi
  • New generation Atheros 600Mhz CPU
  • 128mb of on board RAM
  • PoE in with a supported Voltage of 9V-30V
  • One USB 2.0 port
  • An unobtrusive unit (113mm x 138mm x 29mm) that can be easily tucked away or wall mounted

Customer Reviews

Will change your gaming life !
Very well documented online. Nuf said !
Review by Tectrix / (Posted on 08/07/2015)
Change over
So not being that tech minded, if you are using your own networks router do you just replace it with some kind of set up, i mean for us in the uk using ,say for instance the BT hub, or SKY hub (Router) how do the change over works ?? would love to buy one but cannot find enough info explaining the swap over.
Review by indy56 / (Posted on 12/06/2015)
Great Product, Even Better Service
This router has some killer features to help minimize lag in online gaming and their is truly nothing else like it. It has a great user interface that provides me information and control over my online gaming experience unlike anything I've ever seen before. The icing on the cake for me is that the customer service is better than anything I've ever experienced, if you run into any trouble at all the Netduma team is fast responding and they go above and beyond to help. The only reason I didn't give this a perfect score is because of the lack of high end hardware, however this won't be an issue for most people.
Review by wrathoftank / (Posted on 30/05/2015)
The single BEST purchase I have made for COD. PERIOD
Let's level set early here. All you kids (>20 somethings) with your lightening fast reflexes and the eyesight of an Eagle can keep on stepping. You don't NEED this router. LOL

Now, for the more mature gamers out there, like me, this router has been a GOD SEND. My wife loves to stream NetFlix and Amazon shows, as her avoidance to the man cave where I used to be screaming like a lunatic at the lag found in online Call of Duty. I have great internet, and a Scuf, and a BENQ monitor and I have tried Kontrol Freaks, so I am not risk averse when it comes to shelling out some cash to get better at a game I usually enjoy playing. I earned it, I'll spend it how I like, thanks.

The CONGESTION CONTROL of this router is, for me, the single biggest asset of the whole deal. I love the Geo-Filter, with the lobby shopping ability, the Ping-Assist and all the bells & whistles it has for straight gaming. Those are all flashy selling features and they work great. I usually can bank on getting sub 40ms lobbies, so I know it works.

I went from being an average 1.0 K/D player to carrying a legit 2.2 K/D once I was able to connect to good lobbies. From that aspect, the guys who made this thing bottled that magic "pub stomper" juice we all want to have.

But the ability to partition off blocks of my internet and DEDICATE it to my gaming system, while still providing PLENTY of bandwidth to the wife for her streaming needs?! You want to talk about bliss?! Previous to adding this router, as soon as the wife got online, my gaming went to hell in a hand basket. The lag spikes, the skipping, flat dropping frame rates and getting blinked on while my bullets sailed off into the great beyond was the norm for me. :-(

I'd beg and negotiate times where I could game without interruption, but even then it was marginal at best. Once I set this router up (it took me about an hour and I am not a super software dude by any means) I could game like no one was home. And it's AMAZING.

Bottom line for me is this. I have accepted that I am willing to pay to be a better player. This router has been the single, best investment for me and my household. My wife can do all the streaming and video watching she wants, while I can game in relative comfort, with a dedicated data source that isn't affected as my household usage goes up.

Have roommates who constantly stream YouTube or *******? You need this router. Tired of getting put in lobbies hosted in Zimbabwe when you live in Houston? You need this router. Have you tried everything else and are looking for something, anything to help you Obi-Wan? You definitely need to give this router a try.

This product is still new to me, and I think I have upgraded only a couple of times, but every time I do, the features just get better and better. Customer support has been great, and my gameplays? Well....

Review by John Dillinger / (Posted on 28/05/2015)
Game Changer
This is 1 purchase in gaming gear I have ever done. I Have scuf, gaming Monitor, KF etc. Still this router its number 1 purchase. If you think about it for a second what matters in gaming on-line FPS the most? or maybe form a different angle. You can have the most expensive car on a whole planet, with all the stuff you can only think of. Yet you will have no use of it if you don't have the right fuel to run this machine to its best performance. So as fuel for cars makes all this other things works together that for gaming its connections, only then you can really take advantage of all the rest of the gaming gear. Thats how its is for me since i got this router. For me personal it is a game changer i used it mostly for gaming but, this bad boy is packed with tons for different features to make you control you connections as well as control the home network. I have never came a cross more simple interface to such advanced pace of kit. A thing i have to mention is a whole community build around this router, very helpfully and just this router is made by gamers who was tired of constant BS caused by LAG. The outcome of that is a LAG terminator product.

Absolutely in love whit this thing.

Your sincere massive COD gamer.
Review by Lukasz / (Posted on 28/05/2015)
Fantastic product
The Netduma R1 allows the gamer to take back control of their gaming experience.This router has so many features to make gaming fun again.The geo filter is the first thing on the interface and having the ability to choose the radius in which you game is important.No more getting matched with players on the other side of the world.

And then there's the Congestion Control with this little feature you can game while others in your household stream netflix,surf the web,download etc without them effecting your gaming.No more lag as your bandwith is being used by others and you're gaming console becomes the last to get it.

All I can say is it was the best purchase I've made for gaming since I bought my console.

And their forum is loaded with knowledgeable staff and members in case any problems arise while installing the Netduma.

10 out of 10
Review by Fuzzy Clam / (Posted on 27/05/2015)
Worth every penny
I've owned over half a dozen routers in my years (been playing online for 8 + years) and the netduma takes the cake. It's got a small learning curve, but with the customer service and the community over there, you can't go wrong. I'm normally a 1.05-1.10 kdr player on cod. Since I've been using this I'm .3-5 higher. I actually have a 1.46 this week as of right now. This won't fix a crappy game, but it will make it fun again.
Review by cranium2001 / (Posted on 27/05/2015)
This is a game changer, the best router for gamers hands down.
This router has been a god send for me and my family, not only has it gave me a filter for hosts while I game so I can choose the distance between us but has stopped lag from family members using the internet as they stream.

The geo-filter has changed the way I connect to host's around the world or should I say do not connect to, as now I only connect to UK host's making my gaming ping as low as my connection can achieve.

The congestion control is like no other I have tried, it keeps my pings at 15ms while my son watches Youtube or downloads nothing out there has done this on any other router I have owned.

Even family's that do not game this router would still fix all network congestion issues, I would have purchased this router even if I did not game Just for this one feature.

The Netduma creator's are always adding more and more features all the time and listen to their user base and have a ticket system where you can submit your idea's for more feature's.

This has been the best purchase for my Internet connection I could have ever hoped for and it just keeps getting better.
Review by Zennon / (Posted on 27/05/2015)
Essential purchase!
Over the years I've tried and bought nearly everything that could assist my gaming experience. I've had Astros / scuf controllers / low latency monitors etc but nothing has been as significant as the Netduma R1 at improving my gaming experience. From the geofilter to improve my connections / ping to the congestion control, I couldn't be without it. As a busy house with so many wireless devices all sucking bandwidth this thing allows me to keep my gaming as a priority and avoids the rows about who is online / downloading.

Highly recommended product, thanks Lime!
Review by Buds / (Posted on 27/05/2015)
Best router out there!
Can't fault the router anywhere. Customer service is better than anywhere else - if you have a problem then you will 100% have it fixed (there not like other companies that push the problems over to the side). The actual features on the router are #TopNotch. Its constantly evolving; since I bought mine there have been over 10 FREE upgrades that have (in my opinion) made the router the best one available for purchase :) This is my honest review, its the best purchase I've made in a while.
Review by Crosssayyy / (Posted on 27/05/2015)

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