HipShotDot - Red Dot Sight Attachment

HipShotDot - Red Dot Sight Attachment

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HipShotDot - Red Dot Sight Attachment

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Product Description


The HipShotDot is the gaming industry’s first powered red dot sight attachment for your television. The HipShotDot replaces or enhances your in game sights with a physical USB powered red dot sight. This attachment is made of sturdy and durable materials and is designed for long-lasting use. Improve your KDR, perfect your trick scope, run and gun and shoot from the hip like never before. Level up with the HipShotDot!


The HipShotDot is compatible with virtually any game system including popular consoles such as Xbox 360, Xbox ONE, PS3, PS4, Wii and WiiU. Works with 100s of 1st and 3rd person shooter games including popular titles such as Call of Duty - Advanced Warfare, Battlefield, Metal of Honor, Titanfall, Halo, Gears of War, The Division, Destiny and many more.

The HipShotDot is designed for Television use only. Not for use with laptop, gaming or pc monitors.


  • Shoot from the hip, quick scope or no scope faster and with more accuracy.
  •  Dominate hardcore matches with a permanent red dot sight on any weapon style.
  • Leverage the advantage of an additional weapon attachment over the competition.
  • EMP Proof

How to Use

  • Step 1 Connect - The HipShotDot is powered from a standard USB port. Simply connect the HipShotDot to any available USB port on your game console. You may also power the HipShotDot with a standard USB power supply, i.e. phone charger or available USB port on your television. The power indicator on the HipShotDot's USB connector and red dot sight will illuminate.
  • Step 2 Adjust - During gameplay, simply zoom in and attach the HipShotDot to the television to align with the cross hairs/sights of your weapon. Slide the secondary suction cup down the cord to the edge of the television and attach to hold the wire straight and taught. There is a quick release designed into both suction cups for easy removal. To remove the HipShotDot after gameplay, simply pull the HipShotDot wire below the secondary suction cup in an upward motion.
  • Step 3 Play - The HipShotDot is not an aim bot, it will not aim for you. It simply gives you a full time red dot sight attachment in games where you typically do not. Experience increased hip fire, quick-scope and no-scoping accuracy. Leverage the advantage of an additional attachment over the competition.


  • Red dot sight USB powered LED assembly
  • 8ft power cord
  • Universal USB connector



Customer Reviews

Update to the above review on Hipshotdot
Anyone who play's Advanced Warfare should know the Hipshotdot cut's through the screen hack which is great new's. but the best new's of the lot is what a fantastic reticule it gives you know matter which one you use.Also if you do not use any sights it gives you a fantastic point of reference at the sight end of the weapon.also .Know more looking into really bright spot and you can not see where the hell you are looking as the small dot disappears.
Review by James / (Posted on 01/02/2015)
Hipshotdot is a Fantastic piece of kit
Have been a gamer for over 30 years,that's right an old guy 65 if you must know.I can now take the mark I had on my tv screen off at last.As my reaction times in games is getting slower this product helps a lot,not only with the hip shot but wit the actual aming of your weapon.You are locked on to the target even before you sight in as you are looking in that direction,which means your aming is far more better.Of coarse this does not mean you will not get killed.In all my time playing games from as far back as the first ID game called Doom ,this is by far the best product I have ever used and I would highly recommend this product to everyone it's a fantastic piece of kit
Review by James / (Posted on 31/01/2015)

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