FPS Aim Assist for PlayStation 4 Controllers

FPS Aim Assist for PlayStation 4 Controllers

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FPSAIMASSIST is a console controller accessory designed to increase both accuracy and precision by offering resistance in the opposite direction you are aiming your controller sticks. FPSAIMASSIST gives you more control and prevents over aiming and having to make constant small re adjustments. Acquisition of targets becomes much easier, faster and smoother with FPSAIMASSIST.

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Customer Reviews

Great idea, great price
At £4.99, I thought these were worth a punt, and if they weren't all that, then it hasn't broken the bank...As always with Lime, these arrived quickly and were well packaged. I tried the Medium resistance yellow one, and it worked a treat. I haven't played CoD:AW in well over 6 months, so this would be a good test for this product. The first thing I noticed was that I needed to turn up the sensitivity of the right stick, which would normally feel far too twitchy for me. The FPS AIm Assist did a great job in allowing me to get on target, and then stay on target....stay on target ! (Sorry, unnecessary Star Wars reference there) Yes, it makes the right stick feel a bit weird at first, but I soon got used to it. A word of warning though. The yellow rings are softer, and therefore more flexible than the grey discs, which are more denser. This means that the yellow ones can be taken on and off much easier as there is more give in them. The first time I removed a grey one from the stick, it ripped in half and I was being careful. So, bear this in mind if your heavy handed, or these are for your kids PS4 controller !

All in all, a great product at a great price, which I can definitely recommend for any FPS.
Review by Rich / (Posted on 07/07/2015)

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