Floating Grip Xbox One Console Wall Mount Grip

Floating Grip Xbox One Console Wall Mount Grip

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Mount your Xbox One easily on the wall right next to your TV.

You can either mount your Xbox One for storage if you are using discs to play games, as the console might not be able to read the disc when in vertical position, or use it for saving space when playing without the use of discs.

Our wall mount grip for the Xbox One console is designed to leave your console stylishly and discreetly placed on the wall, it’s a super easy and user-friendly system. Besides this, it’s also designed to be functional. As the console needs ventilation when used without a disc, the grip keeps the console approximately 1-2 centimeters (0.4 – 0.8 inches) from the wall allowing the console a 360-degree ventilation space to ensure that the console does not overheat.

The wall mount grip leaves the console in a floating position on the wall, without stealing any attention from the console itself.

Colours Available: Black/White

Durability: Floating Grip mount grip can hold consoles weighing up to 10 kg. (22 lbs). Note: XboxOne console weighs approximately 3.2 kg. (7 lbs).

Weight: The wall mount grip weighs (inclusive the packaging) approximately 0.05 kg. (0.1 Ib)

Origin: Made in Denmark.

Additional Information: You will need a screwdriver and/or drill to apply. 

Please note: The Xbox One console and TV are not included. Note for Xbox One: It is advised by Microsoft not to position the Xbox One vertically. We therefore recommend to place it horizontally while using it.


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