X-Gamer Zomberry Flavour Energy Drink x 6 Sachets

X-Gamer Zomberry Flavour Energy Drink x 6 Sachets

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X-Gamer Zomberry Flavour Energy Drink x 6 Sachets

Play one step ahead of your opponent with X-Gamer… the energising drink that boosts your focus, reactions and stamina. Formulated to upgrade your skills and revolutionise your in-game experience. 

Game harder, game faster, game longer… X-Gamer is an advanced, innovative and powerful energiser, formulated through extensive research and development exclusively for E-Sports, Semi-Professional & Enthusiast Gamers. A dynamic blend of active ingredients and innovative flavours, scientifically formulated in fully accredited and UK based laboratories. Improving a players performance through a powerful matrix of ingredients, engineered to deliver super sharp focus, lightning reactions & unrivalled energy.

Taste victory with a convenient single-serving of the delicious, sumptuous and fruity flavour of Zomberry, shipped in our sleek and portable 20g X-Shotz. Dominate for longer with X-Gamer…

Features & Benefits:

X-Gamer is the only UK & European based energy drink formulated and continually developed uniquely and solely for the gaming community, delivering the associated and specific performance requisites.

Feature:                                                  Benefit:

  • Energy Matrix                                          Maximised Endurance
  • Awareness Matrix                                     Heightened Focus
  • Reflex Matrix                                            Increased Reactions
  • No Added Sugar                                       Healthier Than Most Can Energisers
  • Micro-Filtered Compound                          Smooth Easy-Mix Drink
  • Innovative Flavours                                  Enjoyable To Taste
  • Well Balanced Formula                             Consistent & pleasurable
  • Concentrated Blends                                Increased serving per pack
  • Approved Pro-Complex                             No Adverse Side Effects
  • Vacuum Sealed Packaging                       Safe & fresh consumption
  • UK & EU Manufactured                            ISO Quality controlled produce

X-Gamer | 20g X-Shotz.

Servings Per Sachet : 1 X 20G Serving.

Best Before : See Side For Details.

Storage : Store In A Cool Dry Place.

Directions For Use : Serving Size : Full Sachet (20G). Take a full sachet and add to a shaker or water bottle with 300ml to 500ml of water, adjust dilution in accordance to personal tastes and concentration preferences. Consume before, during and after gaming for best results. For more information about our products, visit us online at www.x-gamer.co.uk

*Adjusting dilution will increase or decrease guideline servings per pack.

Industry Standards:

Manufactured In BRC Food Certified Facility.

ISO 9001 : 2008 Accredited Production Laboratories.

Global Group : Good Manufacturing Practice.

Recycled Packaging Materials Producer.

Made in the UK, governed by EU guidelines.


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