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We aim to offer pro gamers and casual gamers alike the latest products that we believe (as gamers ourselves) to not be gimmicks but products that last beyond one gaming title and actually improve either the gaming experience generally or indeed aid in improving your skills and unlocking your full potential and ultimately improve your results.

Since 2007 when we introduced the Turtle Beach range of headphones to Europe we have gathered the best and most comprehensive selection of Console Gaming headsets and accessories for both Xbox, PlayStation and PC Gamers. Our understanding of the products we sell is second to none and we pride our-selves on having the best product knowledge on the ranges that we sell further under-lining our expertise and specialisation in the field of gaming accessories.

Since then we have become home to some of the biggest names in e-sports and gaming including: Astro Gaming, KontrolFreek, SquidGrip, Scuf Gaming, Gamma Labs, Gamer Grip, GTOmega, Tritton, MadCatz, Genesis, HipShotDot, Trigger Treadz to name a few and sponsor some of the biggest events in e-sports including EGL & Gfinity. 
T: 0844 8933923
E: customersupport@limexb360.co.uk
Opening Times: 9am-5pm -  Monday-Friday (Except Bank Holidays)
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